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New Year Who Dis?

January 4, 2018
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I feel like in the last couple years whenever it gets close to the changing of the year everyone starts posting how this year was the worst ever, this year was a dumpster fire, this year was horse shit and then following it with hopefully next year will be better. I think years are just years. High and lows, ebbs and flows, ups and downs. It all balances out if you stop harping on and rehashing all the bad.

In 2017 I have been happy and gut pulling, lay on the shower floor heartbroken. I have made mistakes and I have learned new lessons. I bought a house but now I have to grocery shop at Aldi’s. Give and take.

This year I am going to guide myself by approaching life by feelings. How do I want to FEEL? I want to feel less rushed, so what things do I need to do to feel less rushed? I want to fit in my pants, so what do I need to do that? I think that makes more sense than putting rules on yourself and then feeling like a sloppy lop of shit when you break your own rules. So now when I have some wine and reese’s cups I’ll just think, oh self, you must have meant yoga pants. Good job! You’re on your way!

There will always be broken hearts and broken cars and broken bones and broken homes but there will also be happy days and sunny days and lazy days and kittens. Give yourself a break and relax and just figure out how you want to feel.


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