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Just Breathe

June 6, 2007

You know what? I do feel better. Upon talking with one Mr. Josh Jarvis who is always a voice of reason and one of the best friends a lady could have, I figured it out.
I am saying what I feel and doing what I feel from now on. I was so sad yesterday thinking that I lost my friendship that I had with Bill. So sad thinking about all the plans we made that will never happen now. But then I thought, why does it have to be that way? I want to be with Bill. I want to hold his hand and get the num num kisses and have team masturbation. I like those things. In reality, I know human nature. It’s not our nature to have one person. It’s not and it never happens. I have seen it, heard it and been part of it, time and again. Here’s what I figured, I am not going to be faithful to anyone either. It’s just not going to happen but that doesn’t mean I like Bill any less or that I want to be with him any less. So why should he have different rules than I do? We both agree we really like our relationship and we want to be together. I think thats great because it’s hard to find someone you want to be around as much as we want to be around each other. In addition if some sex comes up with other people and we want it, we’re taking it. I don’t want to hear about it and I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear about it either. I will be respectful of our relationship and hopefully he will too.
Just being honest about reality feels nice. I bet if other people did it, the world would be a little less angry.
So, to Mr. Bill Squire:
I am sorry I called you a douche.

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  1. steph permalink
    June 10, 2007 11:30 am

    I’m not sorry, I think he’s the biggest DOUCHE alive.

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