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i’m sad

June 28, 2007

After all that had happened with bill and i, i thought that I had let him go in my heart. some feelings died that I had, but some came back in these weeks since Chicago. It’s really developed into a relationship that no one will acknowledge. Should it really be that hard to say wow I want to be with you? Are we both that damaged? and if we can’t say that then what the hell are we doing? We are only moving towards a heartbreak. Is it easier to say lets just forget about it and move on now or keep spending our time together because we like to be together and just ignore the obvious pink elephant following us around?
I found this song, it made me cry and it’s pretty true.


Baby I’m incapable
I’ll just break your heart
I’m letting go
I don’t want to but I need to
To let you grow…

You’ll go on
I’ll walk the lines on the road
You’ll go far
I’ll live my dreams on my own
(You gotta let go
You gotta let go
You gotta let go of all of me) x2

I’ll break your heart
So you can live out your dreams
It’ll break my heart
But I want you to succeed

Baby I’m incapable
I’ll just break your heart…

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