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The end of the summer, The begining of the next chapter

September 10, 2007

It was like a really long great summer love. We have been in each others lives for six months now and we have become best friends and family. I am sad that he is not going to be here everyday to put J in time out and lay in bed and laugh with, but I know that this is what has to happen to keep us together. It doesn’t sound like that makes sense but neither one of us can be caged. If we were to stay here together it would become a mundane cage. I’d go to work, and at night he would grow increasingly bored and go out and do stand up every night in a city that would never allow him to become what he is ready to become. We would be suffocating. I miss him already and it’s so hard not to have him here right now but I know that we will be ok. We will be better and stronger for this.
J made him a little paper heart yesterday and he took it with him this morning, but he also took my very real heart with him too.

I love you.

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