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My Story Part 1

April 16, 2008

Part 1 ~ The Birth

We all have a story, our whole lives are a story. Some are just a little more entertaining than others. So here is mine, not all of it just the highlights of how I got my start here.

I was born in Houston, Texas November 18, 1978.
My mom gave birth to me one month after she turned 15. When I was born my heart stopped a few times and had to be kicked back on. I should have known then, my soul was already trying to jump ship. After we were released from the hospital Im not sure where we went. I think it was to my moms aunt and uncles house. My maternal great aunt. They were typical hillbillies. They lived in a trailer on a piece of land north of Houston. They drank beer, smoked pot, fought like cats and dogs, and raised chickens. You know, he had a huge beard, cut off jean shorts and big man flip flops. It was actually normal to them. This was their life. When I was a few months old my mom took me to my grandmothers house to spend the night. When she returned for me the next day my grandma had a shotgun ready and told her that she wasn’t taking me back to that place.
So there I was a few months old with no mom or dad just some crazy old bat who stole me at gunpoint.

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