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A Childs Birthday Party

April 23, 2008

It was Skylar’s 7th birthday party and all the usual people were there, the girls, Chris, Stephanie, my friend Hagen (who didn’t know my family very well) and my parents.
My parents were the last to arrive, and had they had some drinks and some doobies on the way? No doubt. So it’s all going ok until the opening of the presents. My mom kept bending over to help Skylar and my dad kept yelling “melissa stop bending over everyone can see your beaver!” My friend Hagen just kept looking horrified. I think he might have tried to look at my mom’s beaver though after the 10th time my dad brought it to everyones attention.
One of the presents Skylar got was a new 2-wheeler bike which she didn’t know how to ride. We took it outside and my dad promptly jumped on and started riding a tiny little girl bike down the driveway. Then he put Skylar on it and was trying to teach her to ride. They were going down the driveway and when he stopped holding on she would fall. When they got down the sidewalk a little Skylar had enough and got off the bike and decided to just walk it. This made my dad mad and he started his mad stutter. I don’t even know what he was saying but he was walking back in a huffy. Just then my puppy escaped the yard and starts running for his life down the road. I had to chase him down and carry him home like a baby while the neighbors sat back and watched the show.
We went inside to have cake and as we were eating I looked over at my dad who was sitting casually on the couch. Not only was he wearing a party hat on his head, but he was also wearing two inside his shirt to make two very pointy man boobs.
As they were leaving he backed into a fire hydrant and crunched his bumper.
Happy 7th Birthday.

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