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Hey 1990’s Remember These Good Times?

May 4, 2008

Ah the 90’s, let’s take a look back in time to see what a typical Friday night would be for me.
Kristie and I would get to my house afterschool, drop our bags at my house and head down the the store to pick up food for the evening ahead. Our shopping list would look a little something like this, hostess cupcakes, oh yeah, couple a cokes, keep it comin, one bag of sour cream and onion chips and one bag of salt and vinegar, give it to me, one snickers bar and one twix, uh huh, one bag of sour patch kids, take it in.
We would head back to my house and wait for my dad to get home so he could start the grill. If my dad was cooking, it was going to be on the grill. My dad would roll in around 7 after drinking lord knows how many beers and get the food and all the hilarity going.
We would eat and retreat back to my room where probably every 10 minutes my dad would come in and lean in the doorway and say really obnoxious things and then I would tell him to get out and his reply would always be a fart noise. Well (put fart noise here) then. Looking back I can see how this would be hilarious to an outsider. After my dad would pass out and leave us alone we usually watched 20/20 and that’s when I would pass out.
We would wake up usually to the sounds of my brothers either fighting or just being loud in general and my dad screaming, would you two be quiet your sister and Kristie are trying to sleep!
Thanks for looking out Dad.

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