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Rules of Olive Garden

December 6, 2008

Listen when you go to Olive Garden with me there are rules. If you don’t know the rules of olive garden I don’t know what you’re doing even going there. First, if you’re going to get the smoked mozz appetizer (because that’s the only one worth getting) order it with the drinks, do not get the drinks then order when she comes back with them. It just takes too much time. When the salad comes you give everyone their salad and empty the bowl. Don’t leave salad in the bowl because then you are just holding up the 2nd salad coming out. Same thing with the bread. Empty it out and then place the empty bread holder into the empty salad bowl as a very clear visual cue that we need more of each.
I don’t like to be held up in my eating.
The second salad you can be more lax with UNLESS your whole family is there. In that case you’ve had to stretch the first 2 salads to make sure everyone got some so I need a 3rd bowl. Listen it’s all you can eat so eat that shit.

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  1. jAMiE permalink
    December 16, 2008 6:11 am

    Man, i’d have to learn to eat faster if i went with you…do you hog the bread?

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