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Adventures in Vegasland

February 10, 2009

Bill and I had a great weekend here in Las Vegas but the really weird thing is he really got into the whole Vegas scene. This man who is happy to never leave our warm bed filled with American Idol and giggles was ready for strippers, drinking, gambling, and nightclubs. I couldn’t be more unimpressed by these things. Sure, I’ll play the penny slots for fun once in a while for fun and I like a cocktail now and then but Bill was on a mission and had formulated a plan. Sit at a slot and spend slowly for free drinks. He was a hunter in the wild but instead of deer his prey was the cocktail waitress. I hope he had an ok time even though I was sleeping by 8:30 most nights. I get so tired here maybe because I am up at 5 before the sun. My body does not accept Las Vegas. Bill said I go to sleep when Vegas comes alive and I wake up when it shuts down. It’s true. My love of Las Vegas is held beyond these city walls where I can get in the mountains and touch the past.
I always truly believed I was just like everyone else. Slowly I am coming around to realize I may be in the minority. I look around at the other ladies here in their business attire or trendy dresses with boots and then I look at me with jeans and converse. I do not fit in. Maybe its social retardation I don’t know. What I do know is when these people are out in a club dressed up and drinking and vegasing it up I would rather be looking at a map or writing something delightful here. Im a spectator looking in on this life i think sometimes.
In unrelated news let me tell you some tales of the past few days…
Bill and I went to a great place on top of the Palms called Nove. It’s a really nice italian restaurant that we went to to celebrate Bill’s upcoming 27th birthday and Valentines Day. We were seated and I was looking around not paying attention to Bill until I heard him say Well I can’t open this! I looked to see what he was talking about and realized he was trying to open his placemat thinking it was a menu.
After dinner we were in the elevator with 4 older people and Bill looked at the oldest lady and said, Where are you going to work? Her son said she hasn’t worked in 25 years. Bill looked at her and said, you mean you don’t work at the Playboy Club? They loved it and when we were getting out the little lady said to him, you’re a nice comedian. That’s all he needed.

Now let me tell you about my friend Jena. She works with us here at the tradeshow and she is great. Really funny, smart girl who seems very together and composed. That is until she sees a celebrity or a dude that is on General Hospital. She loses all her damn cool. She was at the Womens Fair here in Las Vegas, which I am convinced it like the lady tampon lifetime movie fair and she stood in line to meet a the old Shawn Brady from Days of Our Lives who she tells me is now on General Hospital. After meeting and getting his picture she continued on with lady tampon lifetime movie day and saw him walking around. Her plan was to go up and invite him out but instead something came over her and she slapped his ass and ran away. Now what in the hell would make a sane girl loose her damn mind and first think this dude is meeting her at a club and second just slap a strangers ass.
My favorite Jena is an insane celeb stalker story is jena and paul walker do wasted space. She was at wasted space, cary hart’s new club and was just standing around waiting to leave when all the sudden she saw paul walker of fast and the furious 1, 2, AND 3 fame. Instead of just watching the beautiful man and savoring every moment she once again lost all her cool and ran up to this man, grabbed both of his arms and screamed in his face YOU’RE PAUL WALKER! Now, did paul forget who he was? Was he walking around going god damn, who am i? I wish someone could tell me who I am. She giggled around him like a school girl and created a big scene of taking pictures with Paul Walker. I believe it is her current default of both facebook and myspace. I love that girl.
Well more Vegas Adventures to come.
Oh check my twitters because I put up many pics.

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  1. Greg permalink
    February 17, 2009 1:41 pm

    what a funny post, thanks. I goto bed early too!

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