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What a Delightful Site You Have Here

April 21, 2009

Why thank you. 

I will add more stuff as I think of that stuff. Anyway, I’ve been busy lately school is almost done thank jesus. I don’t understand why I can’t just get it together, pick a major and finish it. I keep trying to figure out what’s the thing I’ve constantly been into my whole life and what is a good stable job. I think that’s been the struggle my whole life too! I’ve realized that I have NEVER taken the easy, stable, well paying path with anything. It’s never been a smooth road but I’ve always chased down happiness so I have to do that with school too. I’m never going to be a nurse, who is analytical and precise. I’m great at taking care of people and nursing but I can’t see myself doing it and being happy. So I have to keep tracking the happy. I will change my major afriggingan, to what I don’t know. I’m just going to look through the catalog and see what interests me and take it. I will have a General Bachelors Degree of Bullshit with a Minor in staying true to who I am. A poor girl who writes silly stories, travels as much as possible, and hangs out with her most loved peoples and values these things over a stable career and money. We should probably add INSANE to the list as well.

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