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Mother’s Day Big Whoop

May 10, 2009

So yesterday was the craft show and even though we had a table in a weird ass small room with a wacky magician/dj it was a pretty good show. I honestly wish I would have installed a hidden camera to catch some of the reactions to my cards. I don’t know why old people came out to a craft show with weird indie crafts but they did and for the most part got real nervous when they read my seemingly normal on the outside mostly horrible on the inside greeting cards. I had two favorite bad reactions one was an old man in an american flag tshirt no nonsense type of guy and he picks up a cards that says LOVE on the outside and on the inside it says IS STILL GOING DOWN ON ME NO MATTER HOW BIG MY BUSH GETS. He read it a couple times before it clicked if it ever did click and he made no reaction. He put it down and didn’t touch another thing as to slowly back out of the situation as though he had never seen a thing. The other reaction was this little old lady who scanned the table and then had high hopes in her eyes when she reached for a white card with pink writing that said “PRECIOUS LITTLE ANGEL” and to her horror on the inside it said “UNTIL SHE GROWS UP AND CALLS YOU A NO GOOD ALCOHOLIC”. Her eyes got real big and she shook her head put the card down and walked away quickly. 

Read the signs people.

One of the funniest reactions was when two guys found the table and they were reading and laughing and then one of them asked who wrote the cards and I said that I did and he said to me, “well I’m a therapist”. He then picked up the worst card I ever made which is dark and makes me laugh. It’s a picture of a little beaver holding a balloon and its says happily, sweetly, and unaware of the horror that awaits inside. The inside says “Well at least we were until you let my boyfriend finger you on my couch”. The guys started to laugh so hard they began to cry. It was awesome so thank you to everyone that came by and laughed at my horrible cards sadly inspired by my life.

Thank you to Tammy and Joe, Kellie, and Misty for taking time to come out and support local art.

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