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A Skating Rink is a Weird Place

February 27, 2011

So I took my rags skating yesterday and it’s a weird place. None of my kids can skate and I don’t know how to teach them. I say push off like this or hold my hand but none of these are good suggestions. How do yo TEACH someone to skate? You put wheels and your feet and roll man.

Skylar inched her way around ONE TIME before taking off her skates and standing there like a gargoyle the rest of the time.


Fallyn figured out what to do and jammed around like a fool meanwhile J and I held hands and tried not to fall. She fell down twice however. The first time I was able to stop thanks to her “bad pinky” as she calls it (due to an unfortunate accident which involved her getting it caught in a treadmill). The second time she fell in front of me she got my elbow to her head.


There are always weirdos at the skating rink. The birthday party moms kill me. You have the matchers, I guess so you can find your kid? The fat mom who refuses to skate with her fat kid so they both just sit there uncomfortably. Finally you have the I used to be the skating QUEEN mom. Her kid can skate like a demon leaving her to skate dance all by herself. You gotta admire her I don’t give a shit I am going to jam out to this Justin Bieber attitude.

After awhile J and I had enough and needed some slushies. Skating Rinks are the only place that still sell the classic Slush Puppies I think. I had green.

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