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See Ya 2011

December 31, 2011

Obligatory recap of the year…

I keep thinking of all the shitty things that happened but then I started to remember the cool things and it’s really starting to seem like 2011 wasn’t the monster I make it out to be.

While Salty was closed for relocation I got to spend most of last winter just hanging out with my raggedy kids watching movies in bed on the weekends and it was awesome.  Then Melissa and I moved Salty into a bigger, better space and have found a great new neighborhood for our little shop. I purged relationships that were no longer good and made a lot of great new friends. I was able to go visit with my awesome friends in LA a few times as well. A bunch of stores picked up my shitty greeting card line. I got to do lots of letterpressing for cool people, and a little for myself. I discovered Titos Vodka which has also made me happy many times. oooh and the kills. I got to see the kills for the first time and it kicked ass.

So I’ll just think of all the good things that happened this year and let all the things that were shitty slide away.

2012 is going to start off awesome, I get to go visit one of my favorite cities, with one of my favorite girls and get to see one of my favorite boys. YAY Portland, Melissa, and Joshy! After that I get to come home and go to NYC to see the Kills with one of my new favorite girls! YAY NYC, Jocelynn and Alison Mosshart!

My hope is that we all forget the bad, remember the good, and welcome what’s to come. Here’s to a good new year.

(this post is so fucking sappy that even I want to puke)

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