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To Be Seen

July 24, 2014

Everyone knows that humans need love. Most everything we do is in search of, or because of love. Human relationships are the reason the world keeps going. Loving or being loved makes you more than what you were before and the impact we make on each other has the ability to change us in a forever way. We all know this but what about the need to be SEEN?

We all have a strong need to be seen. Not in a I know you’re standing there way of course but more of a fuck I get it, I understand what you’re putting out there kind of way.

When you’re in a long relationship with someone it’s easy to go from feeling seen and understood to feeling like a fixture in your own house. You’re that trusty couch, a comfortable place to land but completely uninteresting. No one wants to feel like a couch. Especially a couch in my house. It’s been puked on, sat on, it’s full of pet hair, it’s been flooded and dried, bled on, its got crumbs in the folds and it reeks of family. Fuck. AM I the couch?

I guess that’s the trick in love. You can love someone for a million years but how do you SEE them? How do you look at them with new eyes everyday and appreciate something you just didn’t see before? Everyone needs that whether they realize that’s what it is or not. To be seen.

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