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July 29, 2015

Are you guys feeling the changes in your bones? Maybe you feel antsy or lost? Maybe you’re excited about what’s coming?

I am definitely feeling it. I feel like the cloud of forced changes has lifted and I finally GET IT. I see how much I fought to keep things the same just because of fear. It’s funny how we let our minds lead us because we think that’s the practical or noble or right thing to do and then shush our heart so much. Instead of grabbing on to the adventure that stirs inside of those dusty hearts we sit in anxiety and figure well,  this is life. We medicate so we don’t have to feel those nagging knots. We hide and pretend but for what?

The answers are already inside of you. It really is that easy. Humans always complicate everything and talk ourselves out of following our hearts. If you’re feeling confused or stuck or icky yucky just ask yourself questions and write the answers down honestly. Answer them as if you don’t have to worry about anyones feelings but your own. Pretend there is no judgement. Listen to what is pulling you. That is your answer and the more you resist the more you’ll find yourself angry for no reason, irritated, anxious, depressed, jealous, or whatever the gross negative feelings are that come from telling your authentic self to fuck off.

It’s not easy to unzip who you think you are or pretend you are to see what’s really there but the more you strip away the bullshit the more you’re going to let all the unimportant things drift away and really get down the business of you.

It’s been a long road for me to get to the place I am now. I feel like I am graduating, leaving behind who I’ve been and about to step into the next place. I have no idea what is coming but I feel excited.

If you’re feeling like you’re in the icky stage here’s what I did and do to get unicky…

YOGA. Get in the studio and LISTEN. Learn the lessons and ground yourself. If you’re saying to yourself right now man I’m just not into all that hocus pocus then maybe you’re not ready to try something new. Why not be open to a new idea? What’s it really going to hurt? Just don’t eat before you go and then you won’t be the farting person in the back trying to act like they didn’t just shit themselves. Even if you do shit yourself yoga people aren’t gonna stop the class to laugh at you. We will do that later when we retell the story to our friends.

NATURE. Go out there and LISTEN. Look closer and see the things you’ve been ignoring. Nature grows through everything life throws at it. You can too.

PURGE. Let go. Free yourself of entanglements. Get rid of your extra shit. Do you need it? Is it functional? Do you use it? Lighten your load man. This doesn’t just apply to things. Let go of your old ways, ideas, habits. Say goodbye to people who hold you back or spew negativity. Why hold on to that?

LOVE. Love yourself. Stop telling yourself the bullshit stories over and over. I’m fat, I’m dumb, I’m whatever. If you stop judging yourself you’ll be free of that weight. Love others. When I get that judging yuck feeling about someone I stop myself and remember that everyone is just trying to be happy. I send them love and light and really hope for them happiness because why wouldn’t I want that for someone? Don’t worry about what other people are doing. If they bother you, stay away from them, it’s that simple. Send them love and walk away. Love love love. It’s not that hard. (usually)

Everything is a choice and everything you do is a diary.


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