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Dirty Yard Hole

January 4, 2016

Do you ever find yourself just jackin ass around your yard not a care in the world and then BOOOOOOOM. You fall down a hole you didn’t see? It’s not a hole deep enough to kill you on at the end of the fall but just high enough that you’re going to spend your whole damn day trying to climb your way out. That’s what my moods are like. Going along fine and then fuck, there I go down a dirty ass yard hole. I can usually climb my way out within a day, taking breaks of course like when my hand touches a nasty worm and I have to scream and work up to being brave enough to put my hand back on the mud wall to pull myself up or when it gets too rocky and I have to stop to get mad and cry about it and then keep climbing because what the fuck else I am going to do? Does this happen to other people?

Also I deleted my facebook. You can find me on the instagram or here or hey even in real life.

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