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#5 The Solider

March 26, 2008

The Solider

We met in the army and we were DESPERATELY in love. We started dating right before we were both about to be shipped out. He made his first move in such a suave manner it really has yet to be topped. I was working at the front desk and he brought down his bedsheet, put it in my desk and said please watch this and don’t let anyone take it. He came back later in the day to reclaim his sheet and a beautiful thing began.
Two nights before we were scheduled to leave our post he spent the night in my room for a romantic evening. I mean yes my roommate was 6 feet away in her bed being kept away by our sweet Boyz II Men end of the road sad goodbye music blasting but it was amazing nonetheless. When first light hit, he was convinced he needed to jump out the window to make his getaway. I asked him to wait but alas he did not. He immediately ran into a SGT who turned him in. His punishment was all night duty on my floor. We spent a last teary night sitting in a computer room talking about our love.
The next morning I went home and he went to his new duty station in New York.
That is not the end of our story. We had a long distance relationship for months afterward. Those always end up great. We ended up going our separate ways.
In the military it should really be a law that everyone have aliases, that way you can have your flings but you can’t get in a real relationship and you can certainly not get married. Those things just don’t work out. You might end up with a crazy person who leaves their kids and moves 4000 miles away only to dress up in strange costumes and sit around and just be illiterate.
If you are in the military or a military town, get an alias.

Where is he now??

We’re still friends, he just got out of the army and lives in FL. Actually he met his wife in the army. HHHMMM? That’s weird. She seems great and they look crazy happy. Maybe just forget all the other stuff I said.

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