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#4 Guy not to Date

March 14, 2008

#4 The Follower

This was my main boyfriend in high school. He was new at the end of my junior, his sophomore year. I went up to him in study hall and said something stupid i’m sure but it didn’t matter because he fell for it. I dragged that kid around all summer like a puppy. By the end of summer I had decided that I was going to the army at the end of my senior year and if we were going to stay together he was going to have to graduate with me. His mom talked to the school and they granted early graduation provided he could get all the work done. June 1997 we happily graduated together and I went away to the army. I called and said we can’t be together if you don’t get in here too.
I got out of the army Dec 1997 just as he was arriving to the very same place I was to do the very same job. While we were apart those six months I realized there was no way I could marry this guy. Our whole life would have been me telling him what to do and him doing it. It was awesome having someone to go and get you cookie dough and cherries in the middle of the night though.

Where is he now??

We have never lost touch through the years since high school, we get to see each other every once in a while. He got married to a crazy person and when I said get divorced, he did.
He met a new girl and got married again, and this time it’s for good. She is great. I am super happy he found someone who loves him so much.
Oh yeah, he is still in the army. ( sorry erin!)

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