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#3 Guy Not to Date

March 14, 2008

#3 The Gay Guy

We all knew he was gay but it denied denied denied. It was high school is a farm town, there was no way you could come out. He was very cute of course aren’t all the good gays? He made ma laugh and he loved to gossip about the other kids at school. He asked me out, we held hands that day at school, kissed good bye I believe and broke up the next day. It’s just didn’t feel right to me. I am sure it felt even worse to him. What I do find odd is that later in our high school career he had a girlfriend our entire senior year. I wonder why she didn’t know? I mean when they went and got matching belly button piercings one would think a girl would question a couple things.

Where is he now??

Still living in the same area but now openly gay and happily married to a great guy and their family of little dogs.

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