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#8 The Guy with 2 Personalities

April 2, 2008

The first boyfriend after my divorce was a guy I knew back in school as a really nice guy, but yes a little insane. I remember once walking into an art class with my friend to find this kid hanging in the air with another kid who looked like Wood Harrelson in Natural Born Killers holding him by the collar. He didn’t care, he’d say anything to anyone. He liked to drink and fight and do what boys do.
When I met him, it took him 3 weeks to kiss me because he said that we could just take our time. The first place we ever went was the beach at sunset. He brought me flowers and took me on real dates and was always a perfect gentleman. Once we were out and we ran into 2 girls we had gone to school with so we hung out and played pool. When he went to the bathroom the girls said to me, this is NOT the guy we know. He doesn’t seem like himself at all. Man I was lucky. I ended up with this guy who had completely changed for the better.
Then I had to go back to Texas for a couple months to finish my divorce and pack my things. That’s when his alter ego left and the old personality resurfaced. Suddenly he was getting drunk, calling me and crying that he doesn’t know where he is and he wants to die. I mean, i know Im good but that good?
Then one night he calls up says he doesn’t care about me and that it’s over.
And just like that, my relationship with those 2 boys was over.

Where is he now??

Strange thing about this one, he really disappeared about 2 years ago. I know that after I told him I was engaged he got really weird. I know he bought a house with a girl and he probably married her. I wonder how many people she is living with?

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