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#9 The Smart Kid

April 4, 2008

I met the smart kid online and we talked for a few months before we met. He was really cute and studying to be a doctor. He would talk about all kind of science type things that were really advanced and usually I would have no idea what he was talking about which made him seem above me sort of. Then I would meet up with him and he would always wear the oddest pants. I mean he was a totally adorable kid with these dimples and this huge brain and then have on pleated pants. I could never figure him out. He was kind of awkward as well. He would be all science business talk and then say something like you want to get on my meat? Um no I don’t but thanks for asking.

Where is he now??

Living in Florida, attending medical school and working in a research lab. Occsionally he still sends and IM asking if I want to watch a little something he likes to call pants party.
The answer is still no.

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