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#10 The Normal Guy

April 4, 2008

After getting out of a marriage with a real crazy person finding someone normal seemed great. I went to high school with the normal guy and he always seemed nice. When I met back up with him after getting divorced I immediately snatched him up. We moved in together within a month. He liked to go to work and come home and do things like mow the grass, take out the garbage, pay his bills, and get ready to do it all again the next day. This seems fantastic and believe me, I spent 3 years with this guy and it was a cakewalk for me. You are wondering right now what the hell the problem was. If you are a woman who is happy to make one man the only person you need in your life, a woman who has nothing but their day to talk about, a woman who wants to live everyday exactly the same then there is no problem.
He lotioned his feet constantly. To ward off ingrown toenails he had a tool kit that consisted of a mini screwdriver, a pocket knife and nail clippers which he used to dig out and around each toenail leaving 10 bloody stump nails behind. He would lay out his clothes for the next day every single night even though he wore a uniform. He would lose his mind if there was dirt on the drive way and wash it. If he let anyone borrow money he would talk about it every single day. His myspace quote for a year was “PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR”.
There is nothing more to say about this one. That last sentence explains it all.

Where is he now??

Living with is parents, in what he calls his bachelor pad.

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