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#11 The Sugar Daddy

April 7, 2008

Ah the sugar daddy. It always seems like something you would want. Let me say, no it is something you DO NOT want.
It started innocently, me doing some work for him nothing big. Then he would want to have lunch or coffee or anything that involved me hanging out with him. He tried to get me to come spend weekends at his place. Then he starting giving me things like spa weekends. He wanted to take me shopping and keep me like a pet. I told him many many many times that no, I was not interested and I didn’t want a boyfriend.
He was very jealous of the other men in my life. It all came to a very dramatic end when he unexpectedly stopped by my house (keep in mind he lived 2 hours away!) and found Bill’s car in the driveway. He said he had seen enough and was finally giving up on us being together. I asked why the hell he was at my house anyway, and he said he was dropping off flowers for me. Don’t they have local flower delivery services for that? CREEPY.
Ladies, if you have a guy dropping off flowers and wanting to take you shopping it’s not always a good thing. It just might be a 50 year old creepy dentist looking to keep you as a project.

Where is he now??

Same place with only the occasional email telling me how smart, hilarious, creative, and passionate I am. Gimme a break dude.

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