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#12 The Married Guy

April 9, 2008

This one is a borrowed story from my friend “Elisabeth Winchester”.
She met this charming man whilst working as an overnight stocker at a wal mart. She was 19 and working while she went to college, he was 27 and working there to support his wife and young son. As she came to work every night he disarmed her with his sweet metallica shirts and his ever so handsome lazy eye. What was a girl to do? Mostly he was just a nice guy who had a lot of sob stories about how mean his wife was and was probably very lonely. She eventually started dating ,if you can call it that, this guy. He was telling her what she needed to hear, I love you, I’m leaving her and the popular You’re the one.
Finally his wife found out what was going on, promptly and without warning to Elisabeth moved them out of state with no forwarding information whatsoever.
She was left with no man. What she did gain however was a very real ulcer.
Thanks Tom Potts you dirty piece of stink.

Where is he now??

We have no idea. Most likely somewhere in PA. Living with his wife and a beaten down and mostly crushed soul.

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