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#13 The Comedian

April 9, 2008

Ok, Ok. The comedian is the man in my life right now so maybe I’m partial. I love mine, but here are some reasons it may not be a good idea to get involved with a comedian.

1. They are on the road doing shows all the time. Which leaves you with a loneliness you might fill with things like drinking, and watching re runs of Full House.

2. They have a hard time being serious. Have you ever tried to have a serious conversation with someone who is taking what you are saying and turning it into a bit at that very moment?

3. They are always have some sort of mental problem. They think they aren’t worthy of love but shamelessly promote themselves.

4. You have to support their comedy even though it means sitting through Dave Coulier’s set too.

5. Your entire life will end up as a joke in his act.

I love him though. Even if people are laughing at the fact that I like cats in hats.

Where is he now??

Either laying in bed with a laptop and a remote or telling jokes to people but most certainly not cleaning anything in the house.

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