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She Said What? and I said HAAAYY!

May 23, 2008

This day finds me very tired. I feel like the walking dead. Whenever summer time rolls around I have an intense need to clean and get clutter out of my life. As soon as the sun comes out Im instantly inspired to be free. I hate winter and being cold, I swear to god I just wither away. I do not want to do anything but lay in a ball until the rays of warm hit me again. Holy lord, im one of those plants that come back every spring. Im a bulb!
So I tried to register for school and so far I have one class, alright! Im getting ahead here. I am in a general bachelor program so no one wants to let me into any of their shitty programs. I swear to god I hate college. Im almost 30, i am not trying to expand an of my horizons. I like my horizons right where they’re at thank you just let me take a retarded unimportant piece of shit class.
Im working on putting together our Las Vegas show and it’s a lot of work. I want to put together an event to meet designers that we can work with and build up some good business relationships. What better way to draw women into our company than a chocolate and champagne bar? Im working on it. It should be good.
So I haven’t told you guys about Gus! Gus is my new shop dog. Strauss and I adopted him from the dog pound. He is a 4 month old black lab. He is a big silly goof and Im almost certain he has no idea he is supposed to protect the shop. He does however love to jump up on the poor mail girl.
God damn, here’s another thing that is really making me mad. Where the hell does a lady buy a jacket? Why can’t I find a jacket that isn’t a hooded sweatshirt. It’s out of hand. I can’t be wearing a dang sweatshirt all the time. Im supposed to be a lady.Ă¥

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