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The Begining of the Summer

May 27, 2008

I mean it was good. Saturday Hattie and I shot a wedding that was really weird. We ended up with some stories at least. One of the groomsmen pulled me on the dance floor and really wanted to get with this lady. His name was Waylon, he was missing a couple teeth and he is a cook for Penn Station. Seemed like a nice kid but it made me think, are the people that try to hit on you a reflection of what you really look like? Do I look like I could be this guys lady? I don’t think I’m real cute or anything but it really makes you think you might not even be as good looking as you think you are.
Sunday Renner had her annual BBQ and it was so fun! I sat looking around at all our friends with all our kids and felt old. My favorite line of the night was when Perez looked around and said, “well she had a real nice turnout.” Then we spoke of the weather and heath problems. We are not yet 30 but it’s over for us. Lately I have been thinking about life after children. It makes me excited for the 2nd half of my life. After our kids finally move out and leave us, we’re still going to have each other and I think we are going to be crazy wild old ladies staying out till 9:30 and harrasing young boys and telling them to take off their shirts. I don’t think Im going to have this quiet maybe I’ll feed the birds life. I will be collecting my ladies and making them get on a plane to Vegas.
Back to the BBQ the night ended up with me drunk behind the garage. God, if I had a buck for everytime I have been in that same spot. We had a bonfire and made some sweet smores but the fire was so hot I couldn’t see and I lost both my mallows, luckily one fell in the grass instead of the fire so I picked that bitch up and smooshed it between some grahms. I am not playing around man. Bill had to come pick my sorry self up and take me home. Apparently I laughed the whole way. I just had a really good time.
Monday I took my man dogs to the beach and it was Gus’ first time. He jumped in the lake like a pro. He ran and played with the other dogs, nick swam until his muscles were shaky jello and charlie layed on the sand with his fancy gams crossed like a little gay man in a speedo on a miami beach yelling for another pina colada.
After that we went to Bill’s parents and watched the kids play on the slip and slide. It was freezing but they didn’t care. Little Evie who isn’t quite 2 took it the best. She got wetter than the boys and even though she was standing at the end of the slide shaking like Nick’s tired muscles, she wasn’t about to give it up. Her favorite part was when her mom, Alisha, picked up her little body and threw her down the slide. She did a barrel roll and landed in the grass then came back for more. She is a brave lady. Then Bill decided to join the kids and the slip and slide. It was awesome. When he was done both knees were bright red and he later told me he had something that resembled a man-gina. I believe it.
Happy Memorial Day.
that was yesterday.

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