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the photo project

May 29, 2008

I started my photo project last night with Hattie being the first subject. It’s just because I want to have beautiful pictures of the people I love. I got some great ones of Hattie.
After we went to the Winking Lizard for beer and pizza and damn it if a pitcher and a half in if some dude didn’t pull up a chair. I don’t know what it is man.
So this guy sits down and starts talking about his girlfriend who he has been with for 5 years now. Apparently they haven’t had sex in 3 months. Listen up boys, if your lady hasn’t touched you in 3 months something is up, and what’s up is she doesn’t want to be with you anymore. You annoy her. You probably fart all over her in bed and giggle. You probably leave your shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor and she trips on them while she is trying to make you dinner. You probably mess up her desk with all your mail and water bottles and bullshit. You probably mow half the grass and say you’ll do the other half tomorrow but never do. You probably waste your money on things like Rock Band that sits in her living room and gets dusty. You probably never wipe off the dining room table and think that it’s the self cleaning version.
Try doing something once and awhile and see what happens then. Don’t just do it once and think you’re in. Make a routine figure shit out grow up and be an adult and then see how she feels. You may be too late already and she is still going to leave your sad dirty ass but maybe just maybe you will be in time and you can still save yourself from a lonely studio apartment filled with dirty clothes and porn.

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