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beaten down man

June 1, 2008

as ladies we always think that it is us who are the ones that are miserable. we get mad at our men because they don’t do this or that, but we never even consider they might be just as miserable. We only look at things from our point of view and bitch to our friends about it.
let’s reverse this for a minute…
your husband works all day and then turns over his paycheck to you at the end of the week.
your husband has no friends because he spends all his time with you and the kids.
your husband waits like a puppy for you to come home when you’re gone.
This man has no where to go and no one to talk to about how he feels but you. Would he really say, damn this woman is getting on my nerves today?
What if we had no one to talk to and bitch about men to? Listen, I have been in that place. I have been in that beaten down man’s position and it is not good. Pretty soon you start thinking your only friend in the world is Rosie o’donnell.
I get it, people do shitty things to each other all the time but everyone needs to be free to be who they are and have friends.
I just think that we should stop sometimes and put ourselves in the other shoes for a minute because if we did we might be nicer to each other.

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