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Open Letter

June 1, 2008

My blogs are deeply personal and I use them as a way to get out of me the thoughts that would threaten to consume me if I didn’t put them out into the universe and free myself from them.
I use my blogs as a way to re think things and figure out what I am really about. I, in no way mean anyone any harm by what I write. If it’s about someone I will call them out. If it isn’t it’s just a general get things off my mind type deal.
I observe, I think, I write. My life is out there for everyone to read about. Hopefully they make you think and sometimes laugh. I will continue to put it all out there so I don’t go insane and poke random eyeballs out of peoples heads. It’s for the good of humanity really. So I apologize now to anyone who may have felt that I was talking about them or anyone who I offend.
They are my thoughts and I’m putting them out there.

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