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oh yeah, these are the men we love

June 3, 2008

ah the men we love…
im going to talk about mine first.
my man.. i just spent the last 2 hours in bed with him watching a movie during which im almost certain he had to have pooped his pants a little. You cannot fart that much and not need to wipe.
He picks his nose and wipes it on the wall.
His taste in porn ( though I won’t reveal it here) actually scares me.
He loves to get out of the shower and blow dry his hair to look like a man wig.
His first sexual phrase he said to me was, “can you play with my balls so I can finish?”
He just pulled half his pants down to eat a twinkie.

One of my friends boyfriend walks around parma planting trees in any place he can find.
Another man of my friend rams his head into walls when things don’t go his way.
Another guy actually shit his pants on a walk on the beach.

its amazing this species has survived.

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