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just a little victim

June 2, 2008

i always wonder about situations. how i got into them, or how anyone got into them. it’s like everything is just something you accidentally stumbled on. people get into situations that they want to get out of but don’t know how or can’t or just won’t. it’s hard believe me. it’s hard to unravel what’s been done but you have to be true to yourself don’t you? in the end it’s really a solitary journey we’re on here.
here’s what makes me nuts o, i hate when people are constantly victims. shitty things happen and we as humans do shitty things to each other all the time. Every little thing is not cause for a huge pity party. pick yourself up and move it on. you have to learn to let go of lifes little injustices because if you don’t you will go crazy.
so accept people for who they are or don’t. It’s pretty simple.
That being said, i’d really like to go to jamboree in the hills in july. tickets are like 200 bucks though and come on man, i can’t be spending all that to go sit in the dirt, drink beers and listen to some sweet music. I guess it will just be me, my fire pit, coupla dortmunders and my kid’s boom box.
god bless the usa.

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  1. jenandliz permalink
    June 7, 2008 7:47 pm

    i think that sounds a lot more fun and a lot more affordable…in so many ways

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