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love in strange places

June 12, 2008

I was waiting at a stop light today and I saw this family crossing the road, they were 2 boys probably 12 and 13 and then a mom and dad. The dad was real tall, tan, mullet and no shirt, the mom was short with crazy 80’s bush (on her head) and they were holding hands. I thought it was really sweet. First of all, it’s hot and I don’t want anyone touching my hand but he was holding her hand and making sure she made it to the other side. That’s nice. So I started to think about love and how people find each other. Its pretty amazing that sometimes two of the god awful ugliest people you think will be alone forever find each other and are happy.
When I was in the army we were stripped of all things civilian so you are with a group of people that are all socially equal. You can’t tell immediately what “group” anyone belonged to in their former life so you end of forming really great relationships with people who you might never speak to on the outside. Im trying to be less judgemental. Im taking people for what they are. Oh believe me I will make fun and laugh at you, but I will laugh at the next dude I see with a crazy mullet and a busch beer too. Im all for equal.

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