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things that make me uncomfortable

June 15, 2008

riding in a car with just an acquintance. i have nothing to say.
service oriented chit chat. nail guy, you speak vietnamese, i do not, i will have to ask you what? about 75 times before i can understand,”are you off work today” so just stop askng me shit.
when people knock on my door and want something. and when they knock on the door and im still in lounging gear with no bra. just don’t knock on my dang door.
homeless people.
a mountain bike seat.
riding in an elevator when im laughing and there are other people there because then I think that they think im laughing at them and then I think they hate me.
when i say inappropriate things to my hot latin doctor that I think are funny and he just stares blankly.
calling people on the phone.
when someone is mad at me.
talking about my feelings. please, i’d rather jump.

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