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A Super Weekend

June 17, 2008

So Squire and I went to Geneva on the Lake friday night for a little getaway. We stayed at a sweet lodge and he did all the work for this himself. I was very impressed. he is turning into quite the gentleman. (not too much, he does still shit himself everynight in bed)
They had bikes you could ride so we got some bikes and jammed down the road to a winery and sat on a porch, drank some peach wine and watched the water. Then we rode further to the little circus like town strip and stopped at this place to get some fries and lemonade. uh lets talk about this lemonade for a minute. They did they whole squeeze the juice and mix with sugar bit but then instead of water they used slush puppy ice. Old school pump your own flavor slush puppy ice. It was so good. Then they bring out the fries. We were thinking like a cup of fair fries, oh no my friends, it was a cafeteria tray piled with fries. Im not shitting you. It was gross. I mean they were good and went down smooth, but this is whats wrong with america. Where else in the world can you order a REGULAR order of fries and end up with every potato in idaho? It made me sad because most of it ended up in the garbage. If i would have seen any homeless I would have given it to them but mostly I just saw retired carni’s.
Later that night we had a lovely dinner and ended up drinking 3 bottles of wine while sitting on our balcony watching a thunderstorm over the lake. It was good.
Saturday when we got back we went to Target and bought bikes and we rode so much that all my inner bits are still sore.
Sunday I spent the day lounging with my ladies and talking about what panty brands we prefer. My favorite are always any renner buys that she doesn’t end up liking so gives me. Yeah we share pantys but she doesn’t wear them first. at least not a whole lot.
Special Thanks to Hattie and Dan for keeping the ladies.

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