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funny thing about last night

June 17, 2008

last night squire and i were going to sleep and we were both kind of restless. We thought about having sex but then it just seemed like too much of a to do so we talked and giggled. then we thought about going to mcdonalds to get a snack, but come on no one was getting out of bed. So we finally drifted to sleep and squire was just jollyassin around all night flip floping and getting up. When things did quiet and he was asleep, I was drifting back to sleep when I heard a noise suspiciously like a salt shaker. I look over and he was furiously masturbating. Then I looked at his face and he was asleep. I was half asleep and I just remember yelling- what are you masturbating now? The yelling woke him up and he looked down and goes, oh yeah, I guess. Then fell right back to sleep.
this has been a moment with squire.

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