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like a beaver

June 19, 2008

or maybe it’s as a beaver. Busy as a beaver? I think that’s it.
Anyway, Im busy. Im trying to organize everything for this show in las vegas and im a crazy person. thank god for hattie coming up in here and straightening my shit out. listen, if anyone needs to get anything organized, call that girl because she will set it straight for you. So there is still more to do. I won’t bore you, but I will take some pictures this year. I hope to show you drunk designers in las vegas loving all the free booze and food we get every night. (no im not posting pictures of myself at the bar because I would never be involved in all that)
We are going camping next weekend up in Cook’s Forest so that should be a good time. My kids have have never slept in a tent so that should really go over well. I will tell you right now they are not coming up in mine crampin my style. I will not be telling J she is an alien around this campfire. I wonder if she lays in bed at night and tries to figure out if she is an alien or not. man remember that show that used to be on a 100 years ago with jason from general hospital. I can’t remember the name but the girl on there was named Evie and she was half alien and she could stop time by touching her 2 fingers together. I wanted to be that girl. Stopping time would be sweet, I would do awesome things like pulling someones pants down and then restarting time.
Listen dudes, I got a bike and it’s sweet. Riding a bike is really scary but it’s crazy fun and we are going to take them to Rhode Island this year and jam around so jackie & dan, get some bikes. (i want to go to the white horse tavern this time!)
Bill and I decided that when we do go to RI we are camping outside in the yard. I mean we can’t be shacked up like a bunch of mexicans. Camping in the yard and giggling like a couple of little girls. It’s going to be fun. Fun – Bills farting would be even better.
So 4th of July, is the pool party at Renner’s followed by fireworks at Sunny Lake and then Sat the 5th is a party at my house. Come one, Come all but bring some damn beer.

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