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The Medskers

July 2, 2008

Oh Mike and Melissa Medsker, where do I even start? I believe they met when she was 16 and he was 26. I was already at least a year old. They finally moved in together when I was 4 so I went to live with them. I don’t know if they ever got along because I never remember them doing so. They would fight like crazy people all the time and it was always around dinner time when my dad would come home after drinking. I think it just made her mad because she wasn’t the one out drinking and it made her feel like she was missing the party. Anyway, he would come home, piss her off and every single time she would slam her plate down somewhere and say something like, fine Im not eating! What the hell did he care if she didn’t eat? Still to this day if she is mad at him she will punish herself. One more recent story is they were fighting about something and she went running down the highway like a crazy person and hitchhiked somewhere. She is 44 and Im pretty sure this was last year.
They finally got divorced when I was 11 and she moved out and my dad kept all 3 kids. So then she started with the drinking and drugs and moving from place to place BS. They don’t like each other I don’t know why they won’t admit it. Through all the years if she ever needed anything she came to my dad and he would do whatever it is she wanted. Then after my brother died 5 years ago she came to his house to be with my kids and pretty much never left. They moved to FL together and every week I get a phone call from my dad telling me my mom drank rum and she’s mean and he has to get away from her as soon as possible. Where did she get the rum you ask? My dad buys it for her. They are totally co dependent on each other in some sick way. My dad called with another charming story last year sometime. He told me that he took viagara and tried to get my mom into the sack and she got real mad and told him to get the hell away from her and so he fell asleep in his bed and woke up a few hours later still ready to go and he didn’t know what to do. He was afraid it was stuck like that.
My dad finally moved back up to Ohio last week alone and he called me on the road and said that he called my mom and she said she was lonely so he probably wasn’t going to stay up here for good and that he would probably go back down to her.
17 years of being divorced they are still miserable. What a true inspiration.

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