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just a bunch of hogwash

July 8, 2008

a long time ago i had a cavity in my second to last tooth on the top. While prying my wisdom teeth out with a damn crobar 2 years ago the dentist cracked said tooth. I then had to get a root canal that resulted in me ending up with TMJ. That dentist neglected to put a cap on the newly rooted and filled with cement hole in my head, resulting with a raggedy tooth for the past year. Well saturday my luck ran out and it’s all broken and the rest of the giant cement wad came out leaving a gaping hole in my head. I am deathly afraid of dentists and now I need to find a new one because i have been banned from my previous dentist because i skipped out on 2 appointments. Both legitimate, the first time I forgot and called that day but it was too late, it had to be 24 hours in advance and the 2nd time i forgot again but I had changed my number so they couldn’t call me. So now im sitting here with pain going down into my throat and up into my temple. It’s really bringing me down.
I was reminded of a story yesterday about my mom while listening to zumock tell a joke about jail.
A couple years ago my brother was in jail and my mom really wanted me to take her up there for visiting hours and i really didn’t want to take her because well, she’s my mom. So I pick her up and she is drinking one of the big cans of beer and she isn’t finished so she insists on bringing the beer with her. We arrived at the jail and she left the can in my car. We go in, give our id’s, and wait. she starts pacing around and being loud. The next thing I know she is beating on the window yelling why cant I see my son? The waiting room is full of people and she is squaking like a chicken. I wanted to kick her asshole right in, but I just sat there pretending to not know her. Finally we got back to see my brother and it’s the classic sit at a cubical and talk on the phone deal which is really weird. So we’re talking for a few minutes and all the sudden I see 2 cops come in the waiting room and I felt it in my bones and i’ll be damned if they didn’t call her name. Right before my very eyes did god lay a wonderous gift upon me, my mother the yelling asshole was arrested on some kind of old warrants. It was sweet sweet justice.
I laughed, said see ya later to my brother, went out to my car and dumped her stupid beer and drove myself home.

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