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The Lockview

July 22, 2008

Bill and I went to the Lockview yesterday for lunch and it was super tasty. It’s the old Lime Spider in downtown Akron. It’s right across the street from Lock 3. It’s pretty big inside with a ton of tables and they also have a rooftop patio. SWEET. By the looks of this place you wouldn’t think they would have anything other than the old greasy bar food and PBR on tap, but that’s where you’re wrong my friend. They have a huge beer list and 12 on tap and they have a kick ass menu.
I had a pita sandwich with hummus, spinach, sprouts, and tomatoes and I was the happiest girl ever. The hummus is super garlicy and just right. They also have those awesome fair like fries without 34 pounds of grease on them.
I’m going back for some rooftop beers asap. Go try it.

207 S. Main St.
Akron, OH

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