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I wonder Why

July 23, 2008

All great art comes from horrible pain? What happens in your mind when you’re in emotional turmoil that makes you create? When you’re happy and everything is great nothing comes. Your creative box is empty. I know mine is. Im just listening to this new Alanis song about Ryan and it’s so sad and I get it. When Bill was away I would write a million sad blogs. Maybe creating comforts your mind somehow because you are thinking and basing whatever you are working on, on whatever has gone on and it helps you feel closer to the person. It’s like for me I will hold onto information forever until I use it, and then it’s gone. Maybe you have to create to move on. For me it’s writing, until it’s written it’s just pacing back and forth burdening me until I let it out.
I don’t understand why when you break up with someone you can’t still be allowed to love each other and be friends. Someone always gets bitter. Where does that love go? It doesn’t just evaporate so where the hell is it? If you spend a couple years of your life with someone and then you break up why can’t you be friends? Your friends don’t usually break up with you and then you have to stop talking so why does that happen with romantic relationships?
I hope Bill and I don’t break up because he is both boyfriend and regular friend so if that ever happens Im just letting you all know to expect some very pained writings coming your way.
Check out “Torch” By Alanis

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  1. Tassie permalink
    July 27, 2008 3:57 pm

    I think that creating art is the soul’s way of healing. By creating something that is beautiful and is a part of us, we gain hope and see the world for what it could be instead of what it seems to be.

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