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Cap’ns bLog Day 7 Vegas

August 1, 2008

Another day at the show and it was slow and boring. I realized that I am having all the PMS when the whole day I wanted to kill everyone. Finally I just went to a different floor and read some magazines in a chair away from humans.
After the show Strauss, Jena, and I went to dinner which was lovely and then we went to see step brother. A couple times I was realy losing my mind. I thought i might cry. I don’t really like all the wacky unreal goofy stuff but god damn when will ferrell is just being himself i can’t even take it.
You know what I hate is a god damn sheet. It never stays where it’s supposed to and it ends up all crinkled at the end of they bed. The only time I have ever been happy about a sheet is when I was in the army and we had terrible wool blankets that felt like the devils ass and the sheet saved my skin from that but that’s the only time one has ever been of use. Well I guess that’s because I’ve never been to prison and needed to hang myself though.

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