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Cap’ns bLog Vegas Day 6

July 31, 2008

This morning I dropped Strauss off at the door of the world market center and wandered away to go to Target. We were having a booth party in the afternoon and I needed to get some stuff for the party. So I went to target but I didn’t want to go back to the show yet so i jammed around a little. I ended up at caesars palace walking around because thats where they have all the big diamonds i like to look at. Then i decided to leave because I always feel bad and guilty if im not helping him. So I went to go look for my car in the parking garage which was about a billion degrees and it smelled like car exhaust. You know i couldn’t find that damn car. I started to get nervous. I did walk up to one and look in the windows to see if it was mine or not. so after much wandering i did find the car and i worked my way out of the garage. They have these things though, I guess they’re speed bumps but they aren’t like a normal speed bump, its like a speed mountain. I didn’t see it because the sun was in my eyes so i hit that bitch going full speed man and dukes of hazarded that shit like nobodys business.
I ended up at the show and i met the girl I hired a few weeks ago to help out at the booth the last 3 days of the show. You never know who you’re going to get when you hire blindly but she turned out to be great. She gets the joke, which makes life so much better.
Then I went to take something out of my bag and my whole ass hit the temporary wall and knocked the wall out of it’s shell. It made a huge ass shaped ripple and nearly knocked down the guys all glass display behind it.
We had our booth event yesterday which meant all kinds of mooches stopped by for champagne and chocolate. Including myself. It still wasn’t that busy and I think we’ll be giving out champagne and chocolate for the next 2 days.
I love being here. I love the weather it’s blue skies everyday. I love driving in to work and looking at these mountains that are so perfect against the sky it looks like a pull down back drop at the wal mart photo studio. I don’t want to live in Ohio.

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