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Cap’ns bLog Day 5 Vegas

July 29, 2008

Well Vegas is whoopin all our asses man. Today at lunch I saw a dude parked on his pride jazzy motor scooter in the middle of the walkway just straight passed out. I really thought the guy had just died and that’s where his scooter and life suddenly stopped. We watched him for i don’t know how long before he woke up and scooted away.
I was walking back in from lunch and was headed to the bathroom when for the 4th time today my damn flip flop got somehow stuck in this carpet situation they got going up there and I yelled, OH MY GOD and i made the lady walking in front of me jump.
My ulcer has been hurting and so today I left the show early and came back to the house, but on my way out of the show I saw this crazy chinese guy passed out in the lobby on a couch. He couldn’t take one more second.
So I found my way back to the house, took some meds and I needed to lay down so I did so on my raft in the pool. It was sweet. Then I came in hung out and was starting dinner when I swear to god I heard a door open and close like 3 times. I got on the phone with strauss and I was ALARMED. Thankfully he was almost home when I called. I made him check the house because I was too scared to leave the kitchen. He says there is no one anywhere, but im still freaked out. I have no idea what that noise could have been.
Anyway, Im tired, I haven’t been sleeping well and I have lots of mystery bruises. I think tomorrow I am going to go see Step Brothers at the Palms. Now, however, I am off to eat another fab dinner by chef strauss. see ya later suckas.

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