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Cap’ns bLog Day 4 Vegas

July 29, 2008

Yeah, I realize this is day 5 now but I have to write about yesterdays events because I was too tired to do it last night.
Sunday night I proceeded to accidentally get rip roaring drunk. I guess I hadn’t eaten and mix that with a crap ton of vodka and you get a girl with no memory of the events, puking, and with many new bruises and cuts on her body. My whole body is sore. On top of that I dropped my phone in the pool. So yesterday I woke up at 6am, took a shower got dressed to come to the show and then I couldn’t move. Strauss had to go in without me. I felt really bad but I could not move at all. That is the damn worst feeling in the world. I was pleading for death. So I was home and I watched an episode of the Goldern Girls. Good lord, Im telling you right now that show is funny.
So I tried to get my act together and around 1 I rolled my ass into the show. I was miserable. I sat at the table and tried not to yack on anyone. The show doesn’t end until 6 so they day drug on like when you try to push a cooler to a good spot on the beach. It was painful. After the show there was a big celebration for the opening of this new building we’re in so we had to attend that. Free drinks and food? Hey I’ll just have this nice coke a cola. Then it was time for the real treat, the moment we’d all be waiting for. ROD STEWART performing LIVE for us here at the World Market Center Las Vegas. We were with our Vegas sales rep Jenny. Everything that you could imagine a woman living in las vegas would be like, thats Jenny. The hair, the outfit, the makeup, and the high high heels. We we’re sitting at the rod show and jenny is dancing and all the sudden she threw her hands in the air and shouts to the world, “i can’t believe we’re seeing rod stewart! it’s just now hitting me!!” and then kept right on dancing.
After all the rod action we headed to the Palms for dinner. We ended up at an italian place called NOVE which by the way, I highly recommend. It was so good. We sat at a booth and looked out over Las Vegas and it was lovely. Strauss and Jenny were drinking free drinks at The Rod and now more cocktails here at the restaurant. You think jenny is chatty without alcohol? So here’s where the conversation gets weird, she starts talking about me and saying her first impression of me when we met back in January. For the life of me, I don’t know one thing she said. What I did catch is that she thinks im very preserved. not reserved, PRESERVED. The she kept holding my hand and saying you know im sincere when I hold your hand right? After dinner we went to the Playboy club and it was so pretty inside. We sat by the window and while I was falling asleep jenny and strauss were having some more alcoholic beverages. All the while chatting some nonsenseical chats. At one point strauss took each of our hands and was telling us we’re really honest and that’s why he likes us. Listen I have no idea what the hell these fools were talking about. Oh by the way, jenny is a former playboy bunny and she loves to tell her tale. I think it’s awesome. So she tells us of her new idea. She wants to contact playboy and see if they want to do a pictorial with her after all these years. I say do it.
We leave the club and jenny talked the whole way home without a stop for air. When we finally got home last night and I was laying in bed listening to the quiet of no jenny jabber I wondered just what the hell am I preserved in.

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