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Cap’n’s Log Day 3 Vegas

July 27, 2008

Today I was up at 6 freakin am again. We ate some breakfast by the pool and then headed to the show to continue setting up shop. We realized that we needed some accessories and set off on a shopping journey. Somewhere during the shopping I got one of the headaches that not only hurts, but it makes me dizzy and sick so we went into target to get some IBP. I took it and we headed back into the show. Trying to get from your car in the parking garage to the show is a damn ordeal. You gotta walk to an elevator, wait for an elevator – it says there are 6 but Im pretty sure 5 are just there for decoration. Then go outside and around to another giant building. When we got to the building I realized that I forgot my badge so security hassled me and told me I had to go register as a visitor. Well I had a headache, it’s 110 degrees, Im sick so I yelled “thats retarded!” and then she started explaining shit to me as I walked away towards the registration. Well at registration it’s some lady who is about 499 years old and I don’t think she could hear. You have to sign in on a log who you are what you’re doing and where you’re going. How that is going to stop a criminal from lifting a freakin couch and non chalantly taking it out of the building is beyond me. So while signing it on of the things you have to fill out is DESTINATION: I wrote: YOUR MOM.
We made our way to yet another elevator, finished our business and got the hell out of there. Now im sitting here waiting for guests to arrive. We’re having a little party. Im sure it’s going to get wild because there is salsa and vodka and maybe 5 but probably just the 2 of us.
Watch out Vegas, Im going to tear up this backyard.

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