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Cap’ns Log Day 2 Vegas

July 27, 2008

**I need to add something to day 1’s log here. We went to taco bell and the dude comes on the drive through and says in a very slow very urban way, wwwuuuussss up? Uh what’s up is what the hell happened to hi welcome to taco bell may i take your order. That’s wwwwwuuuussss up. So any we order and proceed to window 1 and I am ready to see a huge black dude and instead its a mexican boy. As I look at him I said Oh jesus and at the exact time I said it I saw his name tag. Name: Jesus.

I am wide awake at 6am so I got up made coffee and went right outside to sit by the pool and check all the emails and what not. I hung out alone until Strauss woke up like 2 hours later. Then we had to go set up our booth at the show which is a painfully long and boring process. While doing that, Strauss needed me to take a bunch of shit to the car and then I decided Im going to the car and Im not coming back to this show. Im going home, eating and swimming. So I finally find the car in this gigantic lot and try the key. It doesn’t freakin work. So I tried the other side, and same thing. We have a dodge calibur so I checked the hatch and it was open so I crawled in through the hatch and got into the drivers seat. That’s when I realized I was not in my car. My car was actually like 2 cars down.
So on my way home I saw the famous las vegas sign which I had never seen before. It’s sweet.
Then strauss made me dinner again and i don’t want to admit this to him but it was so good I don’t know what to do with myself. SO GOOD! He made burritos and salsa and it’s amazing.
Then we needed to go to whole foods and get some bs and then we ended the evening at Green Valley Ranch and it’s really nice. We each had 10 bucks, he ended up with -15 and I ended up with 20.08. In the end we gained 8 cents.
Good Night.

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