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Captains Log -Vegas Day 1

July 25, 2008

We had to check a huge box of chair backs to bring with us to Vegas so that was a big to do. I didn’t realize the flight time to vegas was 4 hours and let me tell you, it’s not fun. I don’t mind the flying part, I like being up in the air, but god damn it stinks, your ass hurts, and I ALWAYS do the classic fall asleep jerk back up real quick nod off. Im a private sleeper, I don’t like people looking at me when my eyes are closed. I have always shut my door when Im sleeping. I hate an open door sleeper! Those people are creepy. Then we flew over Lake Mead and it’s beautiful. It looks like a pen leaked all over the desert. Anyway, after much nodding off and sinus pressure making bubbles up into my brain we arrived. It was 110 today and I love it. We got to our house and surprise, NO FURNITURE. NONE. So we called and they brought furniture and are currently still setting up, so I have been out in the backyard the entire time hanging out in the pool and now im sitting by the pool listening to a million bugs singing. Strauss is making me some sweet dinner and then Im going to sleep my ass off. I love it here.

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