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cap’ns bLog Day 9 Vegas

August 3, 2008

Strauss woke me up making all kinds of noise in this house. He must hate when people sleep because he never lets me do it around here. He went to go pack up the furniture and I stayed at the house to do laundry and float topless in the pool which i have grown quite fond of doing. So while doing so I didn’t bother to turn over and now I have a red stripe down the middle of my body. and it hurts.
This evening i ended up at red rock canyon on the outskirts of vegas and it is a good time. There are huge formations and they’re ancient sand dunes. I loved them. On my way to go hug the dune I heard a pack of coyotes howling and then i heard the baby ones trying to howl. it was the cutest thing ever. While I was standing there 2 bats were flying around my head. one was freakin huge and i really wanted to follow it to go see a cave. We were driving on the road lopp and we came to the highest point and you could see the mountains next to you but then in this opening you could see all of las vegas. it was awesome. By this time it was black outside so it was just glitter in the darkness. Then this car pulled into the parking lot and sat there forever listening to loud ass rap. It was only then I understood why people always get murdered up on those scenic overlooks. A nice man is enjoying being in nature and looking down at a beautiful city lit up and dancing with color and god damn it if some assholes don’t pull up next to him blasting some bullshit rap.
It makes perfect sense to me.

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