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cap’ns bLog Vegas Day 10

August 3, 2008

Ah sleeping in, I woke up at 7am today! WOOHOO! So we started our day at the Orleans Casino which I had never been to and was alright if you like giant cartoony alligators hanging around. We only stopped in to eat on our way out to the mountains. We headed west out towards mt charleston. We went down a long road headed straight towards the mountains and the road ended in this teeny little town of swiss chalet looking houses. Cold Creek. I didn’t see a creek and I was pretty sure I was going to see the road out was suddenly blocked by a group of strange mountain people who now that I had seen their village were not going to let me leave and spread the word to the rest of the world that their place exists. Well it does exist and it’s awesome and most of it is for sale.
We left there and went to another road that led to Mt. Charleston. Half the mountains were smooth and treeless and the other half were forested. It’s an ancient ocean so the smooth limestone is all crusted with fossils. We got out and decided to hike up a trail. Sadly I was wearing flip flops. So it was all rocky and going straight up and I couldn’t breathe. So we finally come to this huge overhang of mountain and inside were lots of small caves. People were rock climbing right behind up straight up the wall. It was awesome. The overhang was a sea cave at one time that caved in. We we sat on some rocks and ate some lunch and just looked at the place we were in. The scale of this overhang was massive. You’ll have to check my pics when I get them uploaded from my camera. So we’re sitting there and we hear some people coming and all the sudden i see some head on a stick and holding the stick is a lady I can only describe as weird ex porn star. Blond, huge boobs hanging out, full make up, lips that match her boobs, and long huge green nails. She has with her a dude that looked like an older cary hart and they stopped by us for a minute and asked the way up, some other guy told her she needed to climb up the rock and she went the other way and grumbled she has real nails and she wasn’t breaking them climbing up a rock.
So I crawled my way down the mountain in my flops and made it back to the car without killing myself.
We headed back to las vegas and here I am writing this and getting ready to pack it in. I will see you tomorrow.

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